Challenge East (Team Building) - East Coast Energy Training Academy


£1200 (exc. VAT)

Course Duration:

1 day


Please be aware that part of the day will involve the sea survival tank, so basic swimming skills are required.

Course Content

Do you want to test your team’s communication skills and resilience?
Ready for the best team building exercises there are?
Challenge East is the ultimate teamwork away day for businesses where up to 8 delegates can take part in practical and challenging activities. This will include testing your skills under pressure in our sea survival tank, where you will battle: wind, rain and choppy conditions; as well as working as a team to steer a vessel in our maritime bridge navigation scenarios.
Each team will gain points throughout the day to enter a regional scoreboard and fight for the glory of Challenge East champions. So whether you’re interested in a bit of competition or just want a general team building day, Challenge East is the perfect choice.
If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke then get in touch, as we can adapt the day to suit your business needs.
The activity day is based in the Energy Skills Centre at East Coast College’s Lowestoft campus.
To either book or enquire about this course then please click the ‘enquire now’ button above, to access our contact form and secure your place.

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