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This two day Train The Trainer course (one day a week over 2 weeks), will lead to a trainer certificate for in-house training.
Competency in the subject to be trained must also be gained by the delegate. This is classroom based and includes a micro-teach to be delivered by the delegate on a subject of their choice. There is also a workbook to complete. Delegates are welcome to discuss specific needs with the tutor prior to start of the course to ensure this course meets their needs.
It will enable delegates to successfully deliver training courses to the highest standard. It is ideal for potential Internal Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Managers and members of a Senior Management Team.
You’ll discover how to choose the right learning style for any training situation and deliver a confident, compelling performance, every time.
This course can also be offered as an in-house training course, delivered in the form of a closed course at your company’s premises.
To either book or enquire about this course then please click the ‘enquire now’ button above, to access our contact form and secure your place.

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