East Coast Training Academy is excited to announce a new suite of courses for business owners and growing managers, as well as funding opportunities for employers to help cover the costs of upskilling themselves and their teams.

New Anglia – Supply Chain Skills Development Fund website, Pathways Training Fund website and Growth Works – Revenue Grants website are providing opportunities for the courses to be 75% funded, or 50% matched of the total cost.

In 2023, running a company, growing a business and developing a team is a time consuming and difficult undertaking for any small or medium sized business, let alone in these times where the business landscape and current climate is ever changing. Which is why Success Management have created two different types of training programmes for business owners and their teams, covering many stages of development and management progression, all relevant to the times that we live in and the new challenges we face. These programmes are filled with short, sharp knowledge and guidance, allowing for direct implementation into any type of business:

  • Single session masterclasses (2.5 hour session)
  • Modular learning (2x 2.5 hour sessions and 4x 2 hour sessions)

The modular learning courses are designed to support various stages of growth through management; from Supervisor Newly Appointed (website link), to Junior Manager Experienced (website link) and beyond. Whereas the single session masterclasses are designed for an injection of knowledge to help businesses grow quicker and to allow business owners to up-skill their own workforce.

All dates and times are pre-planned so that schedules can be worked accordingly around the course dates; along with the added flexibility of all courses being on Zoom, allowing delegates to attend from any location. The modular learning programme can be attended via Zoom or in person at East Coast College’s Energy Skills Centre in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

In these newly launched training programmes, Success Management tackle some of the topical and unavoidable scenarios that many business owners will or have faced: Running a successful family business (website link), Implementing Change (website link), Crisis Management (website link) and so much more. Along with strengthening their own team’s skillset in leadership and management, where they have programmes specifically built and tailored for: supervisors, junior management and middle management.

This is a fantastic opportunity for business owners not just across Suffolk and Norfolk, but also across all of the UK via Zoom, to strengthen their team and grow their business. While being taught by other knowledgeable business owners and business advisors who have been in their shoes.

Links to the three main funding programmes which can provide support for anyone wishing to attend one of these new development training programmes can be found below:

New Anglia Supply Chain Skills Development Fund website

The Pathways Training Fund website

Growth Works – Revenue grants website

If you would like to find out more about the exciting range of courses we have on offer at our East Coast Energy Training Academy based in Lowestoft, view all of Success Management’s Development Programmes here.

Or if you have any further questions regarding the programmes, please use our Contact Form here to get in touch and to ask any further questions.